Arcole Reds

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Arcole Reds

Type: Red wine

Disciplinare (regulations)

Arcole merlot

This is a wine of particular finesse and elegance. Its colour is a more or less intense ruby red, with purplish reflections when young. Its nose is concentrated and vinous, with a particularly attractive and distinct scent of raspberries and sometimes a light herbaceous hint as well. Its favour is dry, but with nicely rounded fruit and gentle, soft tannins. Because of its finesse and appealing style, the Merlot from the Arcole DOC is suitable for serving throughout a meal. It goes well with both white and lighter red meats, but also with full-flavoured pasta or rice dishes, or even fatty fish recipes.

Arcole Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a wine that is quite suitable for ageing. It has an intense ruby red colour, with a purplish hue when young. As it matures, it takes on an attractive garnet shade. Its bouquet is intense, with a marked cacao note as well as nuances of violets and raspberries, and sometimes a faint herbal tone. It is robust, rounded and well-balanced on the palate; when young, its tannins are a little aggressive, but as it ages its complexity increases, as does the sensation of sweetness on the finish. It is undoubtedly a big, meaty wine, ideal for matching with roasts and game (hare and venison), pork, cotechino, sausages and hard cheeses.

Arcole Nero

It is made from dried Merlot and Cabernet sauvignon grapes, by using the thousand-year-old technique of appassimento: after being harvested, the grapes are left to dry for two months.Then wines have to undergo an obligatory ageing period of at least two years and must spend at least three months in wood, starting on 1st. November of the year of the vintage. Compared to the characteristics of the wines outlined above, their colours are no longer ruby red with purplish reflections but tend more towards garnet, particularly when very mature. They display complex bouquets which, along with their varietal characteristics, offer pleasant notes of vanilla, oak and sometimes smoky hints. They offer rich fruit on the palate, with soft tannins and a more delicate, finer bouquet than those wines that do not spend any time in wood. Their average alcohol level is around 14% vol.. These are excellent wines for matching with red meats, roasts, game and mature cheeses (particularly local ones).

Arcole Novello

Carbonic maceration gives Arcole Novello a bright ruby red colour. It has a typical vinous and fruity nose, with hints of cherries, strawberries and cinnamon. Its flavour is soft and appealing, and sweetish sensations linger on the finish. This is a red wine that may be drunk as an aperitif, but which also goes well with all typical Italian antipasti, clear soups, pasta dishes or white meats.