Soave + Soave Classico

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Soave + Soave Classico

Type: White wine

Disciplinare (regulations)


It’s designed to be drunk a year or two after the vintage. It is a user-friendly white: a wine from which one expects neither complexity nor ageing potential but rather a clean fragrance and an appealing freshness and delicacy. It is usually vinified in stainless steel, a method which allows the wine’s attractive floral and fruity notes to express themselves fully.


This is a more ambitious white, whose restricted production zone lies on the hills in the communes of Soave and Monteforte.
The wine’s firm structure gives it an excellent ageing potential: it can continue to evolue for as much as ten years in good vintages from top producers. It often has a slight mineral note on the palate that adds complexity to its floral and fruity character.
When vinified and/or aged in wood, Soave develops a creamy undertone which mingles with the fruity and floral elements.