Arcole Whites

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Arcole Whites

Type: White wine

Disciplinare (regulations)

Arcole Chardonnay

Its colour is typically a straw yellow, sometimes with greenish highlights when young; it takes on more golden nuances as it ages. On the nose, it has a broad, intense and fruity perfume, with notes of apples and acacia blossom. The honeyed hints increase with age. Its flavour is fruity, well-balanced and mouth-filling, with warm, sweetish sensations on the finish. It is ideal with all types of vegetarian antipasti, as well as with soups, asparagus risottos, and fish- and egg-based dishes or with mature cheeses.

Arcole Pinot Grigio

After Chardonnay this wine – of French origin – is the most widely found. It has a colour ranging from very pale to quite deep yellow and, if vinified with the skins, takes on a classic “Ramato” (“coppery”) hue that is reminiscent of onion skins. It is fruity and very floral on the nose, with violet and acacia notes. Its flavour is broad, well-balanced and attractive, with sweetish fruit on the finish. This wine’s great success is due to its straightforward yet substantial style and to its extraordinary versatility with food. It is perfect with tomato-based dishes or fish soups. It is also excellent as an aperitif, with fresh cheeses, cold cuts, boiled ham and mortadella.

Arcole Bianco

The blend of grape varieties yields a pale straw yellow wine with greenish highlights. Its nose is of medium intensity, with acacia blossom notes, and its simplicity in fact gives it a certain elegance. On the palate, it is light, lively and well-balanced, with a citrus-like tang. It is a classic white wine for everyday drinking: it goes well with vegetarian antipasti and egg- or fish-based recipes.

Arcole Spumante

The blend of grape varieties gives this wine a pale straw yellow colour with greenish reflections. It displays a fine perlage and a floral and delicately fruity nose that reminds one of grapes. It is light and supple on the palate, sometimes with citrus-like notes. Excellent as an aperitif, or with antipasti based on vegetables, fish, white meats or seafood, it is also ideal with first and main courses featuring fish or seafood. The Extra Dry, Dry, Abboccato and Dolce styles of Arcole DOC sparkling wine are delicious as an aperitif or with pastries, whether dry, with fruit or with cream.